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About Us

The genesis of Maplepods starts from the humble background of our founder who envisioned the concept of building a expanding Networks of Pod services from the remain of Automobile Junks. MaplePods is an innovative concept which is a amilagam of Art, Technology blended with Hospitality & Entertainment Services. 

Currently Scaling the Network...


Discover the revolution in the hospitality and entertainment industry with Maplepods. As the creators of the new "Car Cafe" trend on Social Media & Market, Maplepods offers a network of smart Pod Networks for private services and experiences PAN INDIA.

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Maplepods is unlike anything you've seen before, combining the comfort of a hotel with the entertainment of a cinema.

Experience the future of hospitality and entertainment with Maplepods.

Revolutionising the Scrap Industry

Expanding PAN India & Overseas

High Tech Hand Crafted Smart Pods

Building the Network of Hospitality & Entertainment Pods


What is MaplePods exactly?

Is it a Product or a Service. Well we deserve MaplePods as a Network of Smart Hospitality & Entertainment Pods build from the scrap shells of Automobiles with various Technological & Innovative advancement to cater various categories of users.


Why MaplePods exist?

Have you ever wondered what Privacy would mean in Public places? We at Maplepods are on the mission to provide just that The vision behind Maplepods is to build revolutionary Product & Services for Market. 


How we do, what we do?

Maplepods started with the humble beginning of bootstrapping the brainchild idea into operating Outlets. 

Maplepods offer Franchise of Outlets PAN India with guaranteed returns to it's partners. 


Where is Maplepods?

Maplepods is currently Operating it's Pod in New Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune in partnership with our location Partners. 

Our Pods in Pipeline are for 30 cities of India, UAE among another regions.

Maplepods Packages
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