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Our Packages

Date Package

Bored of the same old, same old kind of Dates? Now you can surprise your Date with an extraordinary Maplepods Date Package experience. Extra features, Food Included and Private Conversation for the perfect Date Day or Night!

Netflix&Chill Package

Netflix&Chill is a real thing now. Now you can visit with your friends, special ones or family to enjoy cozy&comfortable ambiance of Maplepods. While you watch your favorite shows and movies on Netflix +10 other OTT Platforms

Birthday Package

Birthdays are special and we take care of your experience and time at Maplepods catering to you all the best services for your most memorable Birthday. Recommended to surprising your special ones for their Birthday.

GIFT Package

Book a Slot and Gift it to a Friend, Parents, or someone you would want to surprise with the experience of Maplepods.

We make sure your Gift is well catered and served!


Want to surprise someone special or someone for the first Date? Maplepods offers you the best of both world from Hospitality & Entertainment. Now you can experience the Comfort&Innovation of MaplePods while you get treated with the Food&Beverages served in the Pod. Their is plenty of exciting moments included in your private conversation and time with Maplepods. 

Lunch Package

Come and have lunch at a pod!

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