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Post Covid19 Maplepods has limited its Operating Locations and Launching a new Pod every month from 2022. Currently, we are located at The Nerdy Indian Cafe, Saket - Delhi

Why We Stand Out in the Crowd

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Feature 01.

The concept of Maplepods has been invented to provide unique Hospitality & Entertainment Spaces to our Guests in unexpected Pod Concepts. 

Feature 02.

Maplepods are equipped with High-Speed Internet, Mood Lights,  Entertainment Screen with all major OTT Platforms to offer guests an experience they never expected.   

Feature 03.

Post Covid19 all Maplepods are equipped with Self Sanitizing Sensors&Sprinkler System Developed by a Team in the Labs of Pune. Making Maplepods the Safest place to hangout.

Feature 04.

Guests can choose a Package of their preference. Each Package has different Pod features to explore and enjoy their Slot. Control of Mood Lights, Entertainment Screen and Privacy Curtains depend on the Package

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Maple is a Startup recognized by the University of Cambridge, European Union Development Fund, United Kingdom. Maple as a brand has been Incubated by IIT Delhi, Incubation Centre
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