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Innovation that blends
Technology, Art with Hospitality & Entertainment


First Hospitality & Entertainment Pod Network 

Offering Personalised Experiences 

Privacy & Comfort offered in all Pods 

Maplepods is a company that designs, manufactures, and operates smart technology advanced Pod spaces in different locations throughout India. These pods are unique in that they offer a private and comfortable experience to users, complete with a range of touch and motion sensors for pod interior controls, as well as electronic features that enhance the overall experience.

Bespoke In-build Features 

Maplepods Interior
Maplepods Bespoke Couch

Signature Bespoke Couch


Looking for a one-of-a-kind experience?

Look no further than Maplepods XXXL Pod. Our pods are designed with your ultimate comfort in mind, featuring our signature custom couch that provides an ultra-comfortable and private space for guests. Come and experience the ultimate in luxury and innovation today!

Location: Pune, Maharastra

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Entertainment and Comfort, All in One Place
One for everyone!


Couple Birthday | 

Make your special day more memorable with Maplepods Couple Birthday Package. This exclusive package is perfect for those who want a comfortable and private celebration without the hustle and bustle of a big party.Reserve your Slots in advance now and celebrate like never before!


JustUS is specifically crafted Package for those who want "more" than usual. JustUS is a Limited Edition Package of Maplepods which offer Guests with the Custom Pod Ambiances and Control along with extended Time Slot & Food Coupons. 


It's like a Dream come true, but in a better version with Maplepods. Netflix&Chill has been introduced specifically for budget sensitive users who want to enjoy Maplepods experience for a limited time and features


Are you a fan of both your significant other and a good drink? Well, Maplepods has got you covered with their bae and beer package!

With Maplepods, you can enjoy a private space and indulge in your favourite movies and shows, all while sipping on your favourite drinks.

Proposal Package

Make your special ones feel special like never before with Maplepods Best Seller Proposal Package that enhances the experience with plush Interior, custom decor and mood lights as per your preferences.

Family Package

One of the highlights of our family package is the private pod that will be exclusively reserved for your family. This spacious package offers a comfortable and inviting environment where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy each other's company.  

Maplepods Pune Outlet

Celebrate Occasions the New Way With Comfort

At Maplepods,We are dedicated to bringing you a unique hospitality and entertainment experience through our Pod Services.Whether you're planning a Surprise or simply want to relax with friends or Special one, our Pods designs & features are build to cater that.

Our commitment to quality and customer experience means that you can always rely on us to enjoy exceptional service in our unique Pod themes.

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Maplepods Decor

What we Provide is a "Unique experience" and Most Comfortable Experience



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Maplepods Partners

Use Promocode: MAPLE01

and get 40% OFF on your 3rd Booking

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Experience MaplePods

Pinnacle of Hospitality & Entertainment Industry of "PODS"

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